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Netwo Meeting in Rome – Mobile Internet

Last Friday I had the opportunity to join the Netwo founders in Rome to talk about Mobile Internet.

I used a small presentation as a guideline for my talk.

For those interested you will find it below. I’m sorry, it is in Italian but it will not be very difficult to go through it since it is very visual.

Standard disclaimer applies just as I said during the meeting: “This is my personal opinion bla bla bla bla….”

In the very next few days I will write something more about the meeting . It was a very impressive group of people.

  1. Hi, was wondering what is your conclusion on the technical development of mobile internet? I’m sorry my Italian is not so good, but do you have a conclusion about where this will in five years? (from a technical point of view in the market…)

  2. I´m wondering what the status is actually right now. Is´nt italy a very strong market for the mobile internet, if i see offers like wind offering?

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