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An HTC Diamond Meets An iPhone…

This was posted on an Italian forum and I found it so funny that I had to repost it.

It was a rainy day when an HTC Diamond met by chance an iPhone…

I : Hello Diamond!

D : Hello iPhone! I found you a little bit fatter from the last time we met.

I : Well, you know, I was a young boy at the time. Now I grow up. I am an UMTS mobile phone now, and I have GPS too. You have to notice that my user interface has not changed though. It is still as easy and fast as it was before. What about you? Did you manage to solve the problems you had in the past?

D : I tell you what. My personal trainer, the xda-developer web site, keeps me in perfect shape with new tweaks every day and I have to say that after a few charge cycles my battery is even better than before. My user interface has become faster and faster over time. But, wait… Did you say UMTS and GPS? Brilliant! That means that your owner can use you as a modem and as a GPS navigator!!!

I : Ehm, to tell the truth I can only make use of Google Maps with my GPS for the time being and my UMTS connection can be only used to connect to the Internet from the phone…

D : That’s very bad! Well, you cannot have them all. If you like you can shoot a video of my TomTom or iGo navigation application and show it to your owner.

I : I cannot shoot videos from my camera… Please, hold on for a second. My owner is launching Safari to download a ringtone from the internet… Why is he yelling at me? Doesn’t he know that I cannot download files from the internet?

D : Don’t worry! I will download it for you with my Opera Mobile browser and will send it you via Bluetooth.

I : Ehm, don’t you know that my Bluetooth cannot be used to receive files?

D : Ok. No problem. I will attach the media file to an MMS and I will send you the MMS message.

I : .. I’m sorry.. my current software does not support MMS messages.

D : Damn! Again, don’t worry. You cannot have all the feature onboard. Let me think. Ok, I will attach the media file to an e-mail message and when you will have received it you can save it and set it as a ringtone.

I : No, no, never mind. I cannot set it as a ringtone. To do that I need to move it using SHH and it is a quite difficult operation for my owner.

D : OK, I understand. I hope you will have a file manager to move your files around your file system?

I : NO…NO…NO… I don’t have it. Please, leave me alone!

D : Ok, but you will be able to do something or you are only a nice looking device?

I : Sure! I can place phone calls and send SMS message as it has never been done before!

D : Oh, I see. That explains your 499/599 retail price in Italy!