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Where Are You?

I think that the question “Where are you?” is the first sentence pronounced by most people when making phone calls to a mobile phone.20080109gsmarti350.jpg

I am sure that pretty much anyone has desired to give fake answers to that question. Something like “I am queuing at the post office” instead of revealing that you are enjoying the warm sun of a tropical beach.

Gigabyte Communications Inc., a Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer has a solution for your problem.

The GSmart i350 mobile phone has an application called Wise Talk that will help you. Wise Talk is a quite complex extension to the phone application that will allow you to perform a lot of interesting tasks with your phone.

You can set up an Answering Machine on your phone. This answering machine will record the phone call directly on the memory of your handset eliminating the cost of calling your network voice mail to listen to the message. This is very smart even it will mean no revenues for your operator. You will also be able to assign different audio greetings message for different contacts.

The application will also allow you to dub a background audio file during a phone conversation. The default set of sounds will include “airport”, “concert” and “meeting room” for the lie of your choice. You will also be able to record your own background noise and use it as an alternative.

The last functionality that Wise Talk can offer is phone recording, something that may prove to be very useful in some occasions like while asking for directions over the phone.

I really think this is a very smart application. Sometimes we tend to forget that the main purpose of a mobile phone is making phone calls. The number of innovative application and services on this segment has never been very high leaving every initiative to the network. Wise Talk is the perfect evidence that you can think to this problem the other way round, where the handset takes control of the phone call.