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Unconventional Use Of Your Mobile Phone Accelerometer

Accelerometers are not new technology since they have been around in several devices. Apple MacBook just to make one well known example.20080124N95.jpg

Since the launch of the iPhone it seems that every mobile phone manufacturer has gone wild with this technology.

You can also find one in the Nokia N95 and Nokia has recently released the Accelerometer SDK that allows developers to use this little piece of hardware in their own application.

As it always happens creative people have started to leverage this technology to develop new applications.

It is the case of NiiMee Mouse and NiiMee Wheel that will transform your Nokia N95 in a mouse for your Personal Computer and in a wheel for your hard core video games need.

As I can read from their web site NiiMee Wheel and NiiMee Mouse have been developed by Asier Arranz.

You may have a look at two video of these applications by clicking here.

Great idea and perfect sample of unconventional innovation.