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My MacBook In A Microsoft Forest (Reprise)

As I wrote in my previous post on the subject I was trying to get MSN Messenger working from my MacBook Pro with our company ISA proxy server.

The main issue here is that our company requires NTLM V2 authentication on the ISA proxy.

After another round of investigations I was finally able to get it working.

I found cntlm, and it works as a charm.

I compiled it and set it up in a few minutes and since then I had no problem at all with all of my services that need to go through our ISA proxy server.

My machine is actually running Tiger Version 10.4.11 and the application compiled with no problems except a couple of warnings I will investigate when I will have some spare time.

I slightly changed the configure script changing this line:

CCS=”xlc_r gcc”



The proxy is running fine from a couple of days and its performance is very good.

Definitely something you should try if you have the very same issue.

P.S. I know this is a little bit off track but I still receive a lot of requests on the subjects. I hope this helps.