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Modu. Make New Connections

Yesterday my attention was drawn by this YouTube video:

The video has been released on YouTube and as the title suggests it is a teaser. The quality of the video is pretty good and it really seems that a video professional has worked on it.Form what I can see Modu will release a very small module that will plug in several digital devices like GPS navigation systems, game consoles, computers, digital camera, etc. We can guess that this product will tie these things together in some way.

These are only speculations and we cannot really say what the product will be.

Let’s continue with the speculations. First thing. The domain name for Modu is so we can thinks that the product seems to be something mobile.

The web site itself does not say anything on the product but will give you informations on company management team and jobs openings.

On the management side you will find people coming from msystems , the company that invented the USB Flash Drive and that was acquired from SanDisk, Inc., people coming from Texas Instruments, Microsoft. It seems a rock solid management team with a strong knowledge of the mobile and consumer electronics market.

Some other interesting hints may come for the jobs openings:

  • UI Software Engineer
  • CE Software Engineer
  • Firmware Engineer
  • Analog Hardware Engineer
  • Industrial Designer
  • … and many others.

We are probably talking of a digital product with analog interfaces based on embedded windows CE with a user interface and an attention to industrial design.

What will it do? We do not know but from what I see it definitely seems interesting.