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Mobile Web Toolkit for WordPress from beeweeb

20070504beeweeb.jpgI have been working with the guys at beeweb for a very long time and I have always found them to be very clever in mobile product design and development.

I know most of the guys at beeweeb and working with the has always been real fun.

I understand that they have released the Mobile Web Toolkit as a WordPress plugin.

This is really hot news!

The Mobile Web Toolkit will “automatically adapt your content on different handsets, handling the different capabilities and limitations for all supported mobile phones”. I love the automatic profiling of the handset capabilities. This is something we have in house as an operator and you can rest sure that it is not an easy thing to manage. Hopefully they will support new handsets in the future and accept contribution from end users on this side.
The Mobile Web Toolkit will let configure which portions of your web you will make available to mobile users. I went through the documentation which is actually very good and will lead you to the installation in a minute. Highly configurable and simple.


Unfortunately I have to go through the upgrade to PHP5 on this dedicated server in order to run the plugin. Will try to do this during the weekend. Can’t wait to see this stuff at work on .Dust.

One of the thing that surprised me is that the product is released as Open Source and it is free. This is really a great choice and something we are not used to see very often in the mobile arena.

Great job guys.

If you need more informations on the product you may want to look here.