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Adopt A Wine Barrel

Wine making is one of the finest art in the world. Even if technological revolution has reached also this segment of the market the principles of wine making have been the same for centuries.200803barrique.jpg

Italy has always played a huge role in this market and it seems that the Caporali family in Tuscany has found a great way to innovate and promote their products.

The “Tenuta Valdipiatta” estate is sitting in the municipality of Montepulciano, a very well known area for the quality of the vineyards it holds. I think that everyone of us has always dreamed about quitting his day job and start producing good wine in Tuscany.

Anyway, producing a great wine is not an easy job.

The Caporali family will allow you to produce your own wine by adopting a wine barrel or, better, a barrique.

Using this approach everybody could produce his own wine without having to go through all of the hurdles. You will not have to get an estate and vineyard (expensive), you will not need a license from the Italian government (frustrating), but you will have all of the options to influence the final product.

The process that the Caporali’s family has designed will lead the customer along all of the steps need to build a great wine. You will select your wine barrel through barrel tasting. After you will have selected your own barrel the team will guide you to the creation of your own blend for your wine by mixing the fruits coming from the vineyards. When you will have found your perfect combination, the selection will be put in your barrel and left there for a period varying from 12 to 18 months.

When the bottling time will come you will choose the bottle, the label and the final packaging.

Unfortunately there is no indication about pricing but you can rest sure that they will answer all of your questions.

The bad news is that they have currently too many requests to cope with and it seems they are not accepting new ones.

Don’t forget that the vineyards in the municipality of Montepulciano are one of the best in the world.