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A Quick Note To "dofollow" Blog Seekers

Very low blog posting in the last few weeks. Several reasons, no excuse.nofollow

Anyway in the recent past I have notice a few blogs and forums linking here because I decided a long time ago to remove the “nofollow” attribute in .Dust comments.

At the time I was thinking it was a very good reward for those people who spent time on here leaving good comments and putting energy in the conversation. Unfortunately it turned out to be a bad idea bringing in a considerable amount of spam.

I am trying to make up my mind on this. Spend a little bit more time moderating link seekers comment or enable the nofollow attribute?

I think I would go for the first choice and I can advise that one line comments from people I do not personally know will be deleted.


I am looking forwarding to seeing you again on this when I will start my regular posting activity. Soon, very soon!

  1. Other than the fact that you get a lot of spammers, has the dofollow plugin helped you in anyway?

  2. The main idea was to reward visitors leaving a comment with a link to their blog/web site.

    Actually that did not prove to increase comments or participation to the discussion. The main result was to be listed in black SEO websites that listed blogs with the dofollow option on in comments.

    Regard to this I would say that it may be also something that penalized my rank in Google, even if I will have to wait the next page rank update.

    I would not suggest to enable dofollow in comments if you do not have a very loyal readers base.

    Just my cent.

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  4. The problem with do-follow is people will spam. If a blog is good enough then the blog owner won’t need to have do-follow because people will comment to put their point of view accross, not to gain a back link.

    The BBC is a perfect example of this. There are no links in the forums and blogs, yet they have many users.

    However, when a blog is starting and it wants to get a upper hand, their is no harm in attracting people who want do-follow links, because some will become hooked, so even if you change to no-follow, people will still comment.

  5. Well, in either case, you can still call it spam. Whether the visitor IS interested in your blog/post and comments with interest or not and just wants a link. In other words, it depends on the blog owner himself/herself whether (s)he is willing to appreciate the comments and accepting the links in exchange or just as a sign of appreciation, simple as that. If not, then by all means, removing the 'URL' field takes 2 seconds! Google that out. Don't leave the URL and then judging people for spamming, most are not spamming, they post with interest and once they see the option of leaving their website URL, why not?
    I'm all for DOFOLLOW or just remove the URL field! Don't leave it with nofollow, that's more a trick in making some people comment without interest. So anyway, all for dofollow,

  6. Maintaining a dofollow blog is not easy. Personally, my blog is a PR4 webmaster seo related dofollow blog which allows keywordluv type of names. Akismet plugin is helpful but not to the level yet.

  7. What if you are a small time blogger like myself? Would it be benifical to fight the spammers and go "dofollow"?
    Thanks Jack H

  8. I totally understand nofollow or dofollow. Still there is a certain % that I see my links are still being acknowledge by Google. However, the love juice isn’t as high, but still counts as a link. Depending on what level of the linking game for your website. For us lower numbered links, we’ll take it!

  9. Using the KeywordLuv plugin should help curb spam.
    I personally comment on blogs because I like reading what people have to say about many topics.
    But I also care about self promotion, therefore I seek out blogs that use KeywordLuv so I am not wasting my time.

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