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A Quick Note To "dofollow" Blog Seekers

Very low blog posting in the last few weeks. Several reasons, no excuse.nofollow

Anyway in the recent past I have notice a few blogs and forums linking here because I decided a long time ago to remove the “nofollow” attribute in .Dust comments.

At the time I was thinking it was a very good reward for those people who spent time on here leaving good comments and putting energy in the conversation. Unfortunately it turned out to be a bad idea bringing in a considerable amount of spam.

I am trying to make up my mind on this. Spend a little bit more time moderating link seekers comment or enable the nofollow attribute?

I think I would go for the first choice and I can advise that one line comments from people I do not personally know will be deleted.


I am looking forwarding to seeing you again on this when I will start my regular posting activity. Soon, very soon!